Tell Us About Your Second Pandemic Summer

Did life return to normal? Or did Delta foil your plans?,


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In June, as days stretched long, it really seemed as if the pandemic in the United States was waning. Mask came off. Restaurants and bars reopened. Americans began vacationing again.

But somewhere along the way, the mood shifted. The Delta variant caused a surge in cases, hospitalizations and deaths. Indoor masking returned, vaccine wars raged and back-to-office plans were shelved.

We all experienced this summer differently, and we’d love to hear how yours went. Was it a rejuvenating season after a year and a half indoors, or a letdown? Looking back, how do you feel about the past three months?

We may feature your response in the next installment of “Our Changing Lives,” a regular series in the Coronavirus Briefing newsletter. If you’d like to participate, you can fill out the form below.

Did You Have a Hot Vax Summer?

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